Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Belgian Gold

6 lbs Pilsen LME
.5 lbs Pilsen DME
.6 lbs Belgian Caramunich
.4 lbs Munich
Kent Goldings .9oz 60 mins
Saaz .5oz 30 mins
Saaz .5oz 15 mins
Yeast.....WLP550 Belgian Ale with 2L starter
Mistakes: Put the whirlfloc in at 20 mins instead of 10, Starting OG was 1045 instead of 1052. I believe that I didn't take into account for the 2L starter and this caused a little extra in volume, though it doesn't look like it's over 5 gallons. I need to remark my carboy since it came off. Other than that, it went perfect. After cooling wort and adding it to the ice water in the carboy, wort was 66 degrees. Fermentation began about 4 hours after adding yeast. Full "yeast-gone-wild" was about 12hrs. Fermentation temp was at 66-70 degrees. Above are the pics.

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